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A World of Biomanufacturing: Shortages or Global Glut?

Presented at: the 6th Annual BioProcess International European Conference and Exhibition Vienna, Austria, May 19, 2010

A short time ago, biopharmaceutical companies bemoaned the manufacturing bottlenecks that slowed drug development and delayed commercialization expressing fear that there would be insufficient capacity to meet the demand for all biopharmaceutical products in development. However, our detailed analysis of the worldwide supply and demand of mammalian cell culture manufacturing capacity confirms that the industry actually has a glut of capacity today with almost 2.5 million liters of installed mammalian cell culture capacity and total facility utilization of approximately 40%. While this is expected to grow to almost 4 million liters of installed capacity by 2015, increases in demand for this capacity will increase facility utilization to just over 65% by 2015. This increased facility utilization still leaves plenty of “breathing room” for unanticipated demand, ensuring that there will be more than adequate supply of manufacturing capacity to meet demand for the foreseeable future. This visionary address will discuss the impact of the current oversupply of manufacturing capacity, current trends in manufacturing technologies and product development, and the implications for the biomanufacturing “factory of the future.”