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bioTRAK® Database

If you are trying to make sense of the current biopharmaceutical market, considering an investment in capacity, or looking to assess the market potential for your product or service, BPTC’s proprietary bioTRAK® database helps you make these important decisions.

Our database team can help you:

  • Analyze biopharmaceutical products in development to determine the anticipated commercial markets and scale of production requirements for each product
  • Determine market penetration and opportunities for a given product indication or class
  • Develop effective manufacturing facility strategies, incorporating future utilization rates and plans for maximizing value of underutilized assets
  • Evaluate the market potential for new contract manufacturing services or opportunities for facility expansion
  • Forecast the future industry supply and demand for specific biologic products or total manufacturing capacity
  • Identify potential licensing opportunities (products or technologies) tailored to your needs and geographical interest
  • Understand the implications of new technologies on biopharmaceutical manufacturing