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The BioProcessing Summit

Dr. Sheila Magil and Dr. Susan Dana Jones will be joined by Joyce Chiu of Sperian Protection to offer a short course on Ensuring Operational Excellence in Bioprocessing: PAT, QbD, DoE and Continuous Improvement – An Introductory Overview at the Bioprocessing Summit to be held from August 22-25, 2011 in Boston, MA. This short course is designed to impart the lessons learned from other industries to the application of Quality by Design, DoE, and PAT in biopharmaceutical production. Dr. Jones will also present a talk in the Optimizing Mammalian Cell Lines track of the main conference on Wednesday August 24, entitled Applying Quality by Design Principles to Candidate Selection and Cell Line Development, where she will demonstrate the advantages of evaluating product quality as early in development as feasible.