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Associate Consultant

Mr. Davidovits, Associate Consultant, is a chemical engineer with a strong background in quantitative modeling, with more than five years of experience designing, costing and building capital projects, including three years applying this expertise in the biopharmaceutical industry.  He has proven expertise in developing cost of goods models, developing capital requirements for new projects and assessing economic feasibility of disruptive technologies.

Before joining BPTC, Mr. Davidovits was a Senior Engineer at Pronutria, where he led the development of the Company’s photobioreactor platforms and directed a team developing cost models in support of the Company’s Series B fundraising initiative. In this role, Mr. Davidovits conducted analyses to assess the effect of various technologies on cost of goods, including analysis and testing of heat transfer, gas transfer and fluid flow properties of the reactor.

Prior to Pronutria, he was a Thermal Engineer with A123 Systems, where he developed cooling systems for the company’s lithium ion battery products.  Specializing in complex cooling systems for large, multi-million dollar utility grid battery installations containing hundreds of thousands of cells, Mr. Davidovits developed the systems from concept and cost projections through working with contractors to install and plumb systems on-site.

He holds an M.Eng degree in Chemical Engineering and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University. While at Cornell, Mr. Davidovits built a team of over 70 students to design and build a hybrid car for the Automotive X-Prize. He also conducted research into film boiling catalytic reactors and held a co-op position at Sandia National Labs.