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The potential impact of biosimilars on the biopharmaceutical capacity landscape

Presented at:

BioProcessing Asia; 2014 Nov 3-7; Langkawi, Maylasia

Much has been written about the emergence of biosimilars and their potential impact on the biopharmaceutical industry as a whole. Similarly, trends in biomanufacturing and biomanufacturing capacity have been the subject of many thoughtful reviews and publications with opinions varying widely as to the impact of biosimilars on future demand for biomanufacturing capacity. In order to fully assess the influence of biosimilars on the biopharmaceutical manufacturing capacity landscape, we analyzed biomanufacturing data in BPTC’s proprietary bioTRAK™ database to evaluate the current and future demand for biomanufacturing capacity from biosimilars. Additionally, specific examples are be used to highlight ways in which biosimilars firms are influencing trends in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing, including the geographical diversification of the biomanufacturing footprint.