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The potential for continuous chromatography in clinical manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals

By: Thomas C. Ransohoff
Presented at:
IBC Life Science’s Biopharmaceutical Development and Production Week: Methods and Molecules; 2013 Feb 26-Mar 1; Huntington Beach, CA.

With the rapid advance of single-use bioreactors and other technologies enabling large-scale production of biopharmaceuticals using disposables, the demand for disposable-format downstream process technologies is increasing. The emergence of single-use technologies for chromatography have only recently been introduced to the market, and their practical scale of implementation is somewhat scale-limited. New continuous chromatography technologies, such as BioSMB, promise to expand the scale range accessible to disposable chromatography technologies in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. This presentation will provide a review of the driving forces for adoption of continuous chromatography in biopharmaceutical manufacturing as well as an overview of recent advances in this emerging field.