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Opportunities for Continuous Manufacturing in Biopharmaceutical Production

Thomas C. Ransohoff, M.S., Vice President and Principal Consultant at BPTC, gave a presentation entitled “Opportunities for Continuous Manufacturing in Biopharmaceutical Production” at the World BioPharm Forum 2016: Progress in Continuous Biomanufacturing, on June 28, 2016 held at Robinson College, Cambridge, UK. Tom’s presentation focused the potential benefits of continuous manufacturing in the production of bio/pharmaceuticals as well as the challenges in implementing these and other new technologies in the production of biopharmaceuticals. His presentation presented current trends in supply and demand for biopharmaceutical manufacturing capacity based on information from BPTC’s bioTRAK® database. Using this information, an analysis the application areas that represent the most attractive near-term opportunities for implementing continuous manufacturing in our industry were presented. Challenges specific to these application areas were also reviewed. Follow the link above for a pdf of Tom’s presentation.