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Introduction to Bioprocessing Training Seminar

Drs. Sheila G. Magil, Senior Consultant, and Frank Riske, Senior Consultant, will be leading CHI’s Introduction to Bioprocessing training seminar during PepTalk to be held from January 18-22, 2016 in San Diego, CA. This seminar offers a comprehensive survey of the steps needed to produce today’s complex biopharmaceuticals, from early development through commercial. The seminar begins with a brief introduction to biologic drugs and the aspects of protein science that drive the intricate progression of analytical and process steps that follows. We then step through the stages of bioprocessing, beginning with the development of cell lines and ending at scaling up for commercial production. The seminar also explores emerging process technologies, facility design considerations and the regulatory and quality standards that govern our industry throughout development. The important roles of analytical methods at all stages of development as well as formulation and stability assessments in developing and gaining approval for a biopharmaceutical are also examined. This 1.5-day class is directed to attendees working in any aspect of industry, including scientific, technical, business, marketing or support functions, who would benefit from a detailed overview of this field.