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Interactive Panel Discussion—Challenges and Opportunities in Using BioSMB™ or other Multi-Column Approaches for Downstream Processing

Presented at: the IBC Antibody Production Conference San Diego, CA, March 13, 2008

Panel members: Jorg Thommes, Biogen Idec; Tim Tressel, Amgen;
Marc Bisschops, Tarpon Biosystems; and Pete Gagnon, Validated Biosystems. Topics:

  • What is the impact of a SMB process step on product quality?
  • What are the opportunities for an entire disposable process train?
  • What are the regulatory concerns in implementation?
  • What elements should be considered in a SMB bench scale evaluation and predictive scale up?
  • How much savings in chromatographic media and buffer consumption can be achieved in a representative process?
  • How does simulation and process modeling help in optimizing a full scale process?