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Trends and issues in biopharmaceutical development

Ensuring Supply Chain Security

From Eli Lilly’s “Mission Impossible”-style high profile warehouse theft in March 2010 to contamination in heparin in 2008, supply chain issues continue to make headlines. As pharmaceutical supply chains become increasingly global and more complex, the potential risks to maintaining secure, safe, and compliant supply chains have increased causing both...

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Enabling small market opportunities

The impact of disposable and single-use technologies in bioprocessing has become significant over the past five years. Certainly, there are many factors driving adoption of these technologies, but two that stand out are increased development speed and capital avoidance. These two benefits can lead to improved financial returns for smaller...

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Traditional manufacturing approaches and disruptive technologies compete for attention at BIO 2010

One common theme among many of the BIO main conference sessions was the continuing discontinuous technology shifts, such as the emergence of disposable processing technologies and the continued development of alternatives to the conventional microbial fermentation or mammalian cell culture methods used for producing today’s commercial biopharmaceutical products, which could...

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