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Trends and issues in biopharmaceutical development

You’re a Good Man Charlie B

We can all heave a sigh of relief. With his recent announcement that he will extend Gov. Deval Patrick’s 10-year, $1 billion life sciences development package – by five years and $500 million – Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has finally signaled, unequivocally, that he recognizes the importance of biotechnology and...

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The Value of Flexible Technologies

If you had any doubt that single-use technologies are becoming broadly accepted for commercial biopharmaceutical manufacturing applications, the recent BPI-West conference should put them to rest. The infrastructure and systems are being established at many large manufacturers to enable them to control single-use supply chains for both clinical and commercial...

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Mabs Continue to Drive Growth of Biopharmaceutical Market

With the approval of Humulin, the modern biotechnology era began in 1982 and now celebrating its 35th year, the biopharma industry has grown tremendously, launching nearly 225 recombinant biopharmaceuticals. As indicated in Figure 1, the 221 currently marketed products have generated an unprecedented $169B in global sales in 2016. [image_with_text image=''...

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