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Industry-wide capacity utilization to increase by 50%

With the continued growth in sales and number of products, the biopharmaceutical industry is rapidly becoming the driver for the overall pharmaceutical industry. In this fully documented and referenced report we draw from our proprietary Biopharmaceutical Product database to analyze the continued growth of biopharmaceutical sales. We review the production methods used for these products and analyze the impact of those produced in mammalian cell culture on global manufacturing capacity. Despite the continued growth in sales of biopharmaceutical products and the associated requirement for increasing mammalian cell culture capacity to meet this market demand, we find that overall capacity utilization rates have remained low and forecast that average industry-wide capacity utilization will increase approximately 50% from 2011 to 2016 as construction of new capacity slows and more products reach the market.

The impact of this increasing utilization rate on biomanufacturing capacity and the current concentration of this capacity in a small number of companies may limit some companies’ ability to access capacity in a timely manner. While the five product companies controlling the majority of cell culture manufacturing capacity have more than enough capacity to accommodate their anticipated future needs and keep their own utilization rates low, many of the remaining companies, which either have smaller-scale manufacturing capacity or are relying on CMOs, may find a need for additional capacity by 2016 suggesting that CMOs and smaller biopharmaceutical companies may announce the installation of new capacity in the coming years.

The 150-page State of Mammalian Cell Culture Biomanufacturing report provides a comprehensive analysis of the current and future supply and demand for mammalian cell culture capacity, including the geographic distribution of manufacturing capacity, the impact of facility utilization rates on overall capacity requirements, and the influence of emerging technologies on manufacturing facility design and utilization. With detailed figures, graphs, and tables highlighting including a comprehensive list of sales data and bulk product requirements for all biopharmaceutical products produced in mammalian cell culture currently on the market, Unlike other qualitative surveys or unreferenced articles on biomanufacturing, The State of Mammalian Cell Culture Biomanufacturing provides detailed, data-driven insight into the mammalian cell culture manufacturing market to inform senior executives and program managers with the essential and timely information needed to fully understand the mammalian cell culture manufacturing landscape and to stay competitive.


Blog article by: Howard Levine