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IBC’s Biopharmaceutical Production & Development Week

Once again BPTC will be venturing west to sunny San Diego to participate in IBC’s BDP Week where several BPTC consultants will be featured in key roles at the conference.  Susan Dana Jones will chair a session on Developability Assessments and Candidate Molecule Selection in the Antibody Development and Production-Upstream track at 1:10 PM on Tuesday, March 25 during which speakers from Genentech, Jansen, and Bayer will discuss their latest data on antibody discovery, lead selection, and approaches to improve process control and product quality. If you’re looking for a CMO or have questions about technology transfer, be sure to attend the session on New Models for Increasing Efficiency in Outsourcing and Technology Transfer in the Contract Manufacturing & Technology Transfer track at 1:45 PM on Monday, March 24. In this session you will hear first-hand from Patti Seymour and Justin Skoble on how to effectively manage the CMO selection process and take full advantage of the knowledge and experience gained by a Sponsor during product development to ensure that technology transfer to a CMO goes smoothly. And, to wrap up your conference experience, plan on attending the Innovation and Efficiency in Process Development and Manufacturing track at 4:00 PM on Wednesday, March 26 where Howard Levine will host keynote presentations on creating value through  innovation in biomanufacturing.

To learn more about how BPTC can assist you with all aspects of your product development and manufacturing needs or to schedule a meeting with one of us in San Diego, please contact Julie Adam.