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Going beyond flexible single use facilities for achieving efficient commercial manufacturing

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A webinar sponsored by DSM

In recent years, dramatic improvements in product titer and yield in manufacturing operations, the development of more potent biopharmaceutical products such as antibody-drug conjugates, and the increased focus on developing products for personalized medicine of small niche markets have driven a demand for smaller, more flexible, and cost-effective manufacturing facility options. These trends, coupled with advancements in single use technologies have revolutionized biopharmaceutical manufacturing. To learn more about this exciting new trend in the biopharmaceutical industry, watch the recorded webinar presented by Howard Levine, President and Principal Consultant at BPTC, Fritjof Linz, VP of Global Research and Development at DSM Biologics, and Detlev Szarafinski, Manager Cross Sectional Technologies at Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH.