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Efficient Flexible Facilities for the Twenty-first Century

By: Howard L. Levine, Jan Lilja, Rick Stock, Hans Hummel, and Susan Dana Jones
Reprinted with the permission of BioProcess International, December 2012

As the international biopharmaceutical industry struggles to meet the challenges of providing top-tier medical care at affordable costs to citizens worldwide and improving healthcare options for all, improvements in the manufacture of biopharmaceutical products coupled with advances in facility construction have converged to enable the construction of local state‑of‑the‑art manufacturing facilities using modular design and construction and incorporating the maximum use of single-use technologies that enable cost-effective biomanufacturing. In this first of several articles on next generation facilities we describe the advances in single-use technologies and modular facility design that are driving this paradigm shift in biomanufacturing facilities. Future articles will discuss the details of the design and construction of these facilities along with the economic advantages and benefits of this approach.