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DCAT’s 2016 Biopharmaceutical Forum: Global Biomanufacturing Trends, Capacity, and Technology Drivers

Join Patti Seymour, Senior Consultant, at DCAT’s 2016 Biopharmaceutical Forum to be held from March 14-17, 2016 in New York, NY. Patti’s presentation on March 17, 2016, entitled: Industry Biomanufacturing Capacity Overview, will look at the current and projected industry capacity, capacity expansion and technologies impacting the supply and demand for biopharmaceuticals. In this session, industry leaders will discuss best practices in biologics supply strategies. As the number of commercial products and pipeline candidates grows, a crucial issue facing the industry is the current and future state of biomanufacturing capacity, the availability of that capacity, and the technologies impacting upstream and downstream bioprocessing.

This program will provide insights on:
● Industry biomanufacturing capacity overview. Industry overview of biomanufacturing to examine current and projected industry capacity utilization, key expansion activity among pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies (both innovators and biosimilar developers), and the key technology advances impacting supply and demand biomanufacturing fundamentals.
● Contract biomanufacturing market. In-depth analysis of the contract biomanufacturing market, outsourcing trends for biologic-based drug substances, CMO capacity utilization, technology differentiation impacting supplier strategies, and the production economics influencing make-buy decisions.
● Biologics supply strategies. Best practices from leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies in supplier risk management for biomanufacturing, biomanufacturing strategies for biosimilars, and single-use and modular biomanufacturing.