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BPI Europe 2012

​Join Dr. Howard L. Levine, President and Principal Consultant, at the Eight Annual BioProcess International European Conference, April 18-19, 2012 in Prague to learn more about manufacturing strategies for biologics, biosimilars and novel therapies. Drawing from BPTC’s proprietary Biopharmaceutical Product database and recently published report “The State of Mammalian Cell Culture Biomanufacturing,” Dr. Levine will speak on the “Global Demand and Utilization of Mammalian Cell Culture Manufacturing Capacity. His presentation will highlight the expected 50% growth in industry-wide capacity utilization between now and 2016 as well as the impact of recent technological advances in manufacturing processes, improvements in expression levels, widespread acceptance of single-use bioreactors, and the increased interest in biosimilars throughout the world. As with its sister event, the BioProcess International Conference held last October in Long Beach, CA, BPTC is pleased to be a part of BPI Europe. To pre-arrange a meeting with Dr. Levine at the conference, please click here.