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The Biomanufacturing Capacity Conundrum: Matching Supply and Demand Over Space and Time

Presented at: A break-out session at BIO International Convention; 2011 Jun 25-28; Washington, D.C.

At the end of the 20th Century, biomanufacturing output was limited by factory capacity and process bottlenecks, so companies launched technology and process initiatives to improve productivity. Today, such improvements, as well as mergers and globalization, have produced overcapacity, controlled by the largest firms, with supply and demand mismatches that can limit smaller companies’ access to production. Furthermore, existing large-scale capacity is poorly suited to the low-volume, niche products that are the future of biopharmaceuticals. Hear experts discuss economies and diseconomies of scale, technology barriers and breakthroughs, shifting bottlenecks and the promise of low-volume, just-in-time distributed manufacturing.