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Mabs Continue to Drive Growth of Biopharmaceutical Market

With the approval of Humulin, the modern biotechnology era began in 1982 and now celebrating its 35th year, the biopharma industry has grown tremendously, launching nearly 225 recombinant biopharmaceuticals. As indicated in Figure 1, the 221 currently marketed products have generated an unprecedented $169B in global sales in 2016. [image_with_text image=''...

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What are the Emerging Bio-Therapies and Their Manufacturing Challenges?

A panel moderated by Patti Seymour, Senior Consultant, BioProcess Technology Consultants, Inc., will tackle these questions in a panel discussion in the BioProcess Theater located in the BioProcess Zone at BIO-2017. This informative panel addressing Emerging Bio-Therapies and Their Manufacturing Challenges is on Tuesday, June 20th 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm. Emerging therapies...

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BioProcess Technology Consultants Introduces Two Essential New Tools for the Biopharma Industry

bioTRAK® reports keep drug makers up-to-date on biomanufacturing capacity and products; new edition of book provides the latest on monoclonal antibody CMC and regulatory topics Woburn, Mass., June 7 (Business Wire) – BioProcess Technology Consultants Inc. announces two important new products to help life science companies stay at the forefront of...

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